Trainings are facilitated by people with corresponding lived experience and catered to the needs of your team. Booking a call allows us to learn more about your needs and how we might help. 

There is no obligation to book a session after a consult call. Sessions are available in person or virtually. 
Smoke Works staff are available for confrences and enrichment experiennces, as well as small groups. 

Safer Smoking in Harm Reduction

Let's talk about how pipe distribution can help your clients and organization.

An intervention is as powerful as the hand offering it. We'll strengthen your teams' familiarity with safer use for inhalation and review the practical functionality of pipes themselves.

HIV Testing for Peers

The Harm Reduction workforce is forced to wear a lot of hats, and HIV testing can be particularly difficult.

Lets talk about how to engage people in testing, dispell myths around HIV transmission, and keep people in control of their health. 

Harm Reduction 101

You don't have to provide syringes to practice Harm Reduction.

Let us help you ease into a new approach by embracing harm reduction practices to better the wellbeing of your clients or patients.