Capacity Building with Smoke Works

For a limited time, trainings within Massachusetts are available to no cost to your organization. Please book a call to discuss free sessions with Smoke Works! 
Trainings are facilitated by people with corresponding lived experience and catered to the needs of your team.

Harm Reduction 101

Can you practice harm reduction without being a syringe service provider? 

Supplies for safer use are only a small part of harm reduction. Reframing what many think of as only risk mitigation, we highlight the many ways harm reduction can be applied to peoples' lives. If any positive change is the goal, there are no restraints on how you can apply harm reduction to your work.

Trainer's Lived Experience: Self-described survivor of chaotic substance use with 4 years direct service work in New England

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Safer Smoking in Harm Reduction

Why are pipes an integral safer-use option?

Let's talk about how pipe distribution can help your clients and you organization. An intervention is as powerful as the hand offering it. We'll strengthen your teams' familiarity with safer use for inhalation, and review the practical functionality of pipes themselves. 

Trainer's Lived Experience: Former drug user with preference for pipes who networks with SSPs nationwide to collect and disperse best-practices.

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HIV Screening and Education

How do we address misinformation around HIV without disempowering participants?

Risk assessment and testing with people who use drugs is a specific, under-appreciated skill. Nobody likes talking about sex or drug habits with strangers, especially if the subjects are shrouded in trauma. Let our harm reduction phlebotomist experts help you navigate the unexpected and empower your team with practical HIV education to relay to clients. 

Trainer's Lived Experience: HIV positive former drug user with background in direct service work focused on HIV education, screening, prevention and care.

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Capacity building is priced on a sliding scale, and catered to the needs of your team. Before booking, we invite you to chat with our training staff in order to determine whether their voice and experience can help empower your team.