Procurement and technical assistance, creating health equity for people who consume drugs.

Injection alternatives for harm reduction programs regardless of their ability to pay.

Why Pipes?

When we reduce reliance on syringes, we lessen the liklihood of HIV/HCV transmission, and reinforce autonomy. 

Who can purchase?

Smoke Works sells to harm reduction organizations distributing safer use supplies at no cost: SSPs, outreach, medical, social service, and activist groups. 

Mutual Aid

We provide pipes to harm reduction groups regardless of their ability to pay. Purchasing with Smoke Works directly supports underfunded outreah groups. 

Smoke Works is proud to offer Wise Batch Fentanyl Test Strips 

Our supply catalog includes everything necessary for a safer smoking experience

Items like Vitamin C ensure you can offer support for injection stimulant use, too

Consult & Training

Whether you're struggling to find funding, permission, or practical knowledge on how to implement safer smoking supplies, we're your resource.

Needs Based Pricing

We invite you to discount pipe purchases up to 25% off so you never go without injection alternatives. 


In advancing harm reduction techniques, we actively research & publish on the efficacy of safer smoking. Purchasing with Smoke Works  directly funds this mission.

Why is no-cost pipe distribution important?

Options empower. When we make pipes available people can make informed decisions around their modes of administration. Not everybody wants to inject all the time. By lessening reliance on syringes, we can reinforce autonomy among people who use drugs.

Our Story

Smoke Works grew from an amalgamation of needs recognized by a syringe service outreach team in Boston.

Offering pipes was an answer to many questions:
How do we engage more people?
How can we help lessen injection risks?

A 2020 buyers' club turned into direct sales, and now we work with programs nationwide to dismantle barriers to injection alternatives.

Or dedication remains aligned with outreach programs that lack stable funding. Sales allow us to discount and donate pipes to groups who otherwise could not afford them.  

Our Funding

Smoke Works receives no state, federal, or grant funding. 

Programs that can pay full price for safer-use supplies allow us to discount and donate pipes to underfunded harm reduction organizations.

Merch, like t-shirts and hoodies, help fill in the gaps, directly funding pipe distribution.