Smoke Works is fighting for drug user health equity through research and practical intervention

Our mission is to help reduce injections and increase engagement with public health resources coast to coast, stemming both infectious disease transmission and overdose. 

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We envision a world where everyone who uses drugs has access to the resources they need to be healthy. 

Providing injection alternatives is a critical evidence-based harm reduction strategy to reach this goal. Unfortunately, harm reduction programs often have difficulty obtaining and distributing pipes, due to budgetary and legal hurdles. We’re here to fix that. Our pay-what-you-can model ensures underfunded harm reduction programs can purchase supplies no matter what your budget is. Full price supply sales, merch sales, and our Patreon crew cover the discounts we give. 

Pipes over profit

Picture this: Someone in New York smokes meth using a pipe they got from a needle exchange who placed a full-price order with us. We use the profit from that order to give a discount to an under-funded program in Texas, which was not able to purchase pipes on its own because of budget restrictions.

Now participants of that program have access to safer smoking supplies (plus narcan, fentanyl test strips, HIV and HCV testing, referrals to services, and everything else that the exchange offers). This is drug use funding harm reduction.

What we do

Safer Smoking Supplies

We offer a variety of pipe styles and safer smoking supplies. Check out our catalog and apply to purchase pipes. (If you already have an account log in here).

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Look cute, fund harm reduction. Sales of our merch help cover the discounts that we give to programs who need them. 

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Mutual aid means materially changing the systems we live in. Check out our collection of resources for information that can help you advocate for safer smoking supplies.

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Our story

We got the idea for Smoke Works while we were working at a needle exchange. The exchange was doing amazing work to help our neighbors stay healthy but lacked the funding and resources to provide injection alternatives. We wanted to change that. 

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